I have been involved in extreme individual sports since a very young age. Starting with BMX racing in the 80's and transitioning into Skateboarding, Snowboarding and Mountain biking throughout my life. 

I created Balance Lifestyle Company in order to fill a void I saw in the Mountain Bike apparel industry. I saw a need for a raw and unique artistic approach to our fashion identity. I had experimented with Linoleum cut prints decades ago in school and after. I have always loved the raw bold image they produced and figured if I could somehow create lino-cut prints from action photos it may be pretty interesting. Turns out....they are.

Each Image starts as a print and is unique in that I hand roll each one in my garage. No two are the same, some more heavily loaded with ink while some are more lightly so. When I find one I believe is truly special I have screens burned and the apparel process begins. So far small crafted batches or "Micro-Fashion" as I like to call it has been available. Keep looking for new colorways and designs as I grow with these sports we all so enthusiastically participate in.  As time goes on I will be introducing new sports and activities to the collection.